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What do we do at Pre-School? (for children)

Pre-School is a fun place where we can learn new things. The teachers are kind and they help us to try really hard, and have lots of fun. We can play, and sing, draw, and think and talk a lot! Every time we come to Pre-School, we find new things to look at and explore. The teachers have a plan for the day, but we also have time to choose things to do. We learn new things, and we can practice things we have learnt already.

When we play, we are learning. Sometimes we are noisy and busy; sometimes we are quiet and thoughtful. We take risks, like on the bikes, or when we climb the ladder in the playhouse, and we find out we can do things we didn’t know we could do. We can do some amazing art with paint, glue, crayons and pencils, and we can dress up and pretend. In groups, we like to talk about how to find out about things, or solve problems. We talk about things in the past, like when we were babies. Together, we talk and listen to stories and songs. At Pre-School, we play with words, writing, measuring, shapes and numbers if we want to, but we never have ‘work’ we have to do, and we don't have to work unless we want to. We can use the computer, and we can take books home to read, if we want to, too.

 At Pre-School, the teachers and friends make us feel happy, and special. All our pre-school friends are important too, and we look after each other, and listen to each other.  Sometimes we make mistakes, and these are ok, too. We learn how to play on our own, and with lots of our friends.  


A Pre-School day starts like this...

When we come to pre-school, we take off our coats, put our names in the box, and then we can choose what activity we want to start with. These activities are planned by the teachers for that day, and there are always new and fun things to do. There is often painting, play dough, puzzles, and all sorts of toys to play with. We can also do writing and drawing, messy making, dressing up and stories. We like to go in the garden, and play with sand and water, the play house, bikes and scooters. We have snack time, with fruit, vegetables, breadsticks and cheese brought in by the mums and dads; and have a drink of milk or water. After snack, we have small group time, where we can tell our news, sing songs and share a story. After playtime, we all have a singing time together before we are picked up.

Some children have their lunch at Pre-School between 12.00 and 12.30. They bring in lunchboxes and put them in the fridge. At lunchtime, they wash their hands, say Grace, and sit down together with the teachers to enjoy lunch with their friends.


Some children like to wear the Pre-School uniform - click here!