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FAQs  Allergies

    1.        My child suffers from an allergy and sometimes needs medicine (eg hayfever, asthma etc). Can his medicine be kept on the premises and used if he needs it?

 Yes, we can administer prescribed medicine .  This can only be administered by a member of staff if it has been prescribed by a doctor at least 48 hours previously, treatment has been started at home , there have been no adverse side-affects and if a Permission To Administer Medication Form PDF icon has been completed and signed by parents (this is available from our website or from the Pre-School).  This must be handed into our Manager or Deputy Manager.  Paper copies of the form are available at the Pre-School.

 If  your child has a known allergy you will be given a Child Healthcare Plan to complete by the Manager or Deputy Manager. We can administer medication such as Piriton if this has been prescribed by a Doctor/GP. A Child Healthcare Plan will need to be completed and signed by parents and the Doctor/GP. The parent will also need fill out and sign a Permission To Administer Medication Form.


  2.        My child has a nut allergy. Is the Pre-School nut free?

We ask all parents and carers to keep the Pre-School nut-free and ask that they do not send children in with peanut butter sandwiches or any other product containing nuts such as Nutella chocolate spread.


  3.     My child has special dietary requirements.

Please let the staff know if your child can't drink milk or has any allergies or sensitivities to food.


  4.        My child is allergic to cat fur. Do you have any Pre-School pets?

No, the Pre-School has no cats or dogs on site and we do not allow pets into the building or garden. However, on occasion, we may have a visit from a local charity with Guide Dogs and we will ensure that any children known to us with an fur allergy (as notified on the Child Record Sheet which the parent and carer completes at registration) is not present at these sessions.


   5.        Will the staff put sun lotion on my child?

We ask parents to apply sun-cream before their child comes to Pre-School.

If your child attends for a full day, we will apply a suitable child/sensitive skin sun screen after lunch, provided you have signed a Permission to Apply Sun screen form  PDF icon.